Livermore Half Marathon

Run Livermore 2017

Livermore Half Marathon

The RunLIV Legacy Club recognizes participants who demonstrate their commitment to lifelong activity by completing the half marathon in at least three consecutive Livermore Half events! Qualified club members will receive special recognition for every year their personal streak is kept alive! #runliv #RunLIVLegacyMember


RunLIV Legacy Runners will receive:

– Special Online Recognition
– Legacy Club logo on Race Bib
– Additional Legacy Bib to proudly wear on the back of their shirt.
– Special Discounts and promotional offers

Once you achieve Legacy Club status, you must continue running the Livermore Half to maintain legacy status. A minimum of 3 consecutive years is required to maintain membership. 5k Distance does not apply.

NOTE: Eligible members should have the Legacy Club logo on their race bibs and must bib up their Legacy Bib at the Active Lifestyle Expo. Legacy Bibs will not be mailed.


There is no separate registration or sign up required. We keep track of your finishes. Runners who qualify will have automatic membership upon completion of their third consecutive event.

Anyone can become a member of the Legacy Club! Just complete three consecutive Livermore Half marathons.To keep your Legacy Club status, continue to finish half marathon every year.

2017 Legacy Club includes all Finishers of:

– the 2015 Livermore Half Marathon
– the 2016 Livermore Half Marathon (Half Marathon distance only)
– the 2017 Livermore Half Marathon (you must be registered for the Half Marathon for your status to be confirmed)